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Credibility and worthiness of various faith-based Port Huron/Blue Water Area organizations
Faith-Based Certification Committee

The Board of Directors of Operation Transformation identified a need in our community for faith-based organizations, organized on a charitable basis, to ensure they were in compliance with legal and industry standards for operations. Specifically, the area’s donor organizations have sought guidance from Operation Transformation as to the credibility and worthiness of various organizations.

To meet this need, the OT Board instituted the Faith-Based Certification Committee, with the purpose of establishing a process by which faith-based organizations can review their paperwork and practices. The Certification Committee is comprised of an attorney, an accountant, an insurance agent, a business owner and a non-profit director. The Certification process has been changed and simplified. The Committee has now formulated a Self-Review Checklist which covers areas such as the organization’s legal structure, foundational statements, directors and board member information, financial and tax information, faith-based status, employees and volunteer information, and document management. Upon completion of the Checklist, it is signed by someone in the organization’s management/administrative role and a board member. It is sent to Operation Transformation, reviewed by the Certification Committee for completeness, and held on file for the public.

Community non-profits and churches are welcome to participate in this program. Several organizations have already completed the Checklist. They are: S.O.N.S., St. Clair County Youth for Christ, the Blue Water Pregnancy Care Center and Bridge Builders Counseling and Mentoring.

The Operation Transformation Certification Committee is pleased to serve the community in this fashion. To review the Faith-Based, Non-Profit, Self-Review Checklist, go to Inquiries may also be made by calling the Operation Transformation office at 810-966-8660.

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by Tom Seppo - November 15, 2010

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For further information, contact Tom or Brenda Seppo at Operation Transformation: 810-966-8660


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